Fanless MIL-IP67 Intel XEON D1587 conductive cooled system

  • type de processeur : Intel Xeon
  • Mémoire maximale : 128MB
  • température de fonctionnement : -20°C/+60°C

• MIL/COTS SWaP-C server suitable for manned and unmanned vehicles
• MIL-DTL-38999 connectors
• MIL-STD180/704F/1275D certified
• Virtual Processing
• Data & Image processing

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MPL MXCS-ML Fanless Rugged MIL/COTS SWaP-C Server

Are you looking for a fanless "Rugged by Design" server that meets the required standards of defense applications? Then the MPL MXCS is the ideal solution for you. The MPL MXCS-ML server is passively cooled conductively and is designed for the most demanding environments with extreme temperatures from -20 ° C to + 60 ° C.

This low power rugged embedded server is equipped with a MIL IP67 housing. The conductive cooled design can be fully adapted to the installation environment or add-ons. On request, this MPL MIL-STD180 certified XEON server can also be provided with a fail-safe ventilation array. This innovative design cools the system without exposing the embedded system hardware to dust or air. The industrial embedded system has also been designed with the option to integrate MIL-DTL-38999 connectors. With 8 x 2.5 "SSD the MPL fanless rugged MIL / COTS SWAP-C server also offers enough storage space. Equipped with a PCI / 104-Express interface and four PCI-Express Mini Card slots, this rugged embedded XEON server offers unlimited possibilities. In addition, the system meets CE, MIL-STD810, MIL-STD704F and MIL-STD 1275D standards. All in all, the MPL MXCS-ML is the perfect solution for various applications such as C4ISR, EW, imaging processing, surveillance, virtual machines or data center processing. Thanks to the rugged MIL IP67 design, the MPL MXCS-ML Fanless Rugged MIL/COTS SWaP-C Server can be installed in military (armored) vehicles or tanks.

Data and image processing autonomous & manned military vehicles

Large area monitoring was achieved in the past by using a series of sensors. These sensors were connected to multiple monitors, each with separate or multiplex displays for each video stream. These setups offer the operator a confusing collection of separate video feeds, which also require a lot of space and consume a lot of processing power. In a dynamic, real-time scenario, there is also a risk of information overload when operators try to interpret large amounts of images. Interrelations between sensors which are not always clear, leading to important contextual visual information being overlooked. Control systems often rely on the operator for event detection. However, large attached information, linked to the effects of stress and fatigue, can cause the operator to lose effectiveness. By presenting an image processing subsystem in autonomous or manned vehicles, a previously unattainable level of situational awareness can be achieved.

To be able to process the data from the various sensors and cameras on board of an autonomous system or a manned vehicle, integrated GPU clients require the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and are driven on the basis of general purpose computing (GPGPU). A graphics processing unit (GPU) uses a large number of processor cores to convert millions of individual pixels into photo quality images in real time. These cores are also capable of processing data from algorithms in parallel. This is also referred to as general computing on a GPU (GPGPU).

In such manned or unmanned vehicles, the space for system integration is very scarce. The applied advanced system electronics ensure a large load on energy consumption, the integration of low-power and lightweight embedded systems is therefore of great importance. Integrated embedded PCs must therefore also comply to the principles of SWaP-C. These industrial embedded systems are compact, powerful, lightweight and use little energy.

The MPL MCXS-ML, like all other MPL products, complies with the SWaP-C (Size, Weight, Power and Cooling) principles and is the ideal mobile, fanless server for general purpose computing. Because this industrial embedded PC has additional interface expansion possibilities, this rugged embedded server can be expanded with GPGPU via MXM, PCIe or XMC. This powerful embedded system however uses less than 60W in full operation. The system has a compact MIL IP67 housing. Depending on the application, the housing can also be provided with a complete customer-specific housing with MIL-DTL-38999 connectors. This industrial PC is equipped with a PCB with a modular design, with the exception of the SFP + cages, all other interfaces are based on modules. Thanks to these M-COTS possibilities, our Engineers are able to develop a fully Modified Commercial Off-The-Shelf system in collaboration with our Swiss partner MPL.

MPL Fail-safe ventilation for the most rugged environments

In a normal environment, servers are cooled by fans and these systems are generally located in an air-conditioned room with a constant temperature around 30 ° C. However, these conditions do not apply to XEON servers for military in-vehicle applications, where vehicles are exposed to the most challenging environments and temperatures. A server with a standard ventilation system is not an option for this type of application. The conductive cooling system of the MPL MXCS-ML XEON server is designed to operate fully fanless up to 60 ° C. Instead of cooling the embedded hardware with air, the produced heat is passively removed by a heat sink in the MIL-IP67 housing. On request it is possible to provide this fanless rugged MIL / COTS SWaP-C server with a fail-safe ventilation array. Through this ingenious system, no air and dust is blown over the PCB, due to the fact that only the heat sink is being cooled. The fans are in a separate housing that is mounted on the heat sink, inside the housing of this embedded system. With this integrated airflow, the MPL MXCS can also operate under extreme temperatures of -20 ° C to 60 ° C in full performance. This allows this rugged MIL / COTS Swap-C server to be used effortlessly in very extreme temperature environments. Fail-safe ventilation array reduces the temperature stress of the internal components and prevents current leakage, resulting in an extended lifespan and failure safety of the MPL MXCS-ML.

The MPL MXCS-ML for Virtual Processing

Through virtualization, several older physical systems can be replaced by 1 industrial embedded server. It enables the use of multiple application and operating system environments on a shared computing platform by abstracting the exact computer architecture of the applications, thereby removing the underlying hardware and software dependencies of both new and older applications. It also makes it possible to use a single computer platform for multiple applications from different domains and suppliers.

The MPL MXCS-ML with XEON D-1548 has 8 processor cores and 2 x 10Gbit ports for fast data transfer. This fanless rugged MIL/COTS SwaP-C server is compatible with VMware and EXSI. These features make the industrial PC ideal for the deployment of various virtual installations of different operating systems on one system.

  • processeur
    type de processeurIntel Xeon
    Série de processeursBroadwell
    Nb. de cœurs16
  • Mémoire
    Type de mémoireDDR4
    Emplacements de mémoire4
  • Caractéristiques principales
    caractéristiquesIntel Xeon CPU, up to 16 cores
    Up to 128GB ECC DDR4
    Two 10Gbit ports
    Expansions for GPGPU, RAID...
    Real SWaP-C
    Fanless and flexible IP67 solution
    19" MIL housing available
  • Expansion
    slots d'extensionmPCIe
    4 x mPCIe PCI Express Gen2 x1

    1 x PCIe x8

    PCIe x16
    1 x PEG graphic expansion

    2 x mSATA / 2 x m.2 Key M ports

    optional RAID controller board with on-board memory and flash, up to 8 x SAS/SATA ports, RAID 0/1/5/10 support
  • Ports et interfaces
    Watchdog timerconfigurable granularity 10 ms, 1 s or 1 minute, results in a timeout from 2.5 seconds up to 4 hours
    Interface LAN2
    USB 2.0 les ports4
  • Spécifications mécaniques
    DimensionsTBD - to customer specifications custom housings and connectors available
  • Spécifications électriques
    plage d'entrée19 - 36 VDC input range, ESD and EMC protected power input (redundant capability)
    Power consumption25 - 100 Watt (depending of CPU), Enhanced Intel Speed Step Technology
  • Spécification environnementale
    température de stockage-45°C up to +85°C
    température de fonctionnement-20°C/+60°C
  • Certificats
    normesThe MXCS is designed to meet or exceed the most common standards. Particular references are:
    EN 55022, EN 55024, EN 61000, MIL-STD-461E

    Shock & Vibration
    EN 60068

    Environmental & Safety
    EN 50155, MIL-STD-810G, EN 60601, EN 60950

    Approval List CE, IEC 60945, IACS E10
  • Données GENERALES
    Garantie24 Maanden

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