InstaAir Cloud Based Fleet Management System for Routers

  • Fabricant : Lantech
InstaAir Cloud Based Fleet Management System for Routers
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InstaAir Cloud Based Fleet Management System for Routers

InstaAir is the leading-edge, end-to-end cloud-based fleet management system for routers. This highly advanced system supports over-the-air device monitoring, configuration, and software upgrades anytime, anywhere. The powerful features provide current views of the entire device, and custom reports can be set up to monitor critical events and prevent device downtime. The interactive monitoring site map shows the devices’ status, network signal & usage, and location of all GPS supported devices which were deployed and synced to InstaAir. With the continuous stream of rich, real-time network data allowing users to analyze the behavior of hundreds of devices and device parameters as they occur. Drill down to quickly troubleshoot devices or upgrade older versions of firmware with one-click.

  • Caractéristiques principales
    caractéristiquesCloud Based Fleet Management System for Routers
    ● Real-time Monitoring
    ● User Authentication
    ● Group
    ● Organization*
    ● Zero-Touch Configuration
    ● GPS Fleet Management
    ● Remote actions
    ● Network Troubleshooting*
    ● Notification*
    ● Responsive Web

    *Future release
  • Données GENERALES
    Garantie24 Maanden

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