Lora GPS tracker with built-in environmental sensor

P18.629 RAK7205-13-R01
  • Application : IoT
  • Commutateur de type : IoT Sensors
Lora GPS tracker with built-in environmental sensor
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The RAK5205 WisTrio LPWAN Tracker board is built on the Semtech SX1276 chip, with the STM32L1 MCU at its core. It is a feature-packed sensor board with LoRa connectivity and built-in GPS. It provides various interfaces for easy application development.

This is the ideal LPWAN tracker board with a built-in sensor available in the market. It is best used as a quick prototyping module for Internet-of-Things and LoRaWAN Network integration. Its perfect use cases for IoT applications include asset tracking, smart vehicle management, and location-based services.
  • Caractéristiques principales
    caractéristiques● IP67 case
    ● Compatible with 96Boards IoT Edition Specification
    ● With SX1276 LoRa long-range and Ublox Max 7Q GPS modems which allow to enable the GPS low power mode
    ● Integrated the ultra-low-power microcontroller ARM Cortex-M3 STM32L1
    ● Built-in environmental sensor BME680 (gas, pressure, humidity, temperature) and 3-axis MEMS sensor LIS3DH (accelerometer)
    ● SMA/iPEX antenna optional for LoRa and GPS
    ● Supports latest LoRaWAN 1.0.2 protocol, activation by OTAA/ABP
    ● Supports programmable bit rate up to 300 kbps
    ● Supports rechargeable battery through micro USB or 5 V solar charging ports
    ● Supports sleep mode, the power consumption down to 14.5 μA
    ● Supports global license-free ISM band: EU433, CN470, EU868, US915, AS923, AU915, KR920 and IN865
    ● Supports I2C, GPIOs, UART, and ADC interfaces.
  • Ports et interfaces
    USB 2.0 les ports1
  • Spécifications mécaniques
    Dimensions150 mm x 90 mm x 90 mm
  • Caractéristiques du produit
    Le poids220 g
  • Spécifications électriques
    plage d'entréeMicro USB 5V DC (optional)
    3.7V Li-accu 3200 mAh (optional)
    5V Solar (optional)
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