Why AMR?

The automated guided vehicle (AGV) market has become almost saturated but is now stagnated due to the difficulty of developing products for new applications. The next generation of AGV systems need to be smarter and have more flexibility. Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) will become prevalent in several vertical markets such as logistics, medical, agriculture and mining. As labor costs increase, more swarm robotic systems will be developed and deployed to perform repeated tasks.


Why ADLINK’s ROS 2 Robotics Solutions

ADLINK robotics solutions allow users to develop complex robotic applications with minimal investment outlay, whereby they enjoy the benefits of various AI engines, development environments, flexible hardware systems, and evolving Data Distribution Service.


Neuron SDK: ADLINK’s Powerful ROS 2 Development Kit

The ADLINK Neuron SDK, delivering powerful development capabilities, is fully compatible with both ROS and ROS 2, featuring an optimized environment providing full access to hundreds of open source robotic algorithms, achieving rapid development for faster time-to-market.


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