Rugged Embedded Computer Intel i7-8850H CPU up to 32GB

  • type de processeur : Intel Core
  • Mémoire maximale : 32GB
  • température de fonctionnement : -20°C/+60°C

Low-Power, High-Performance Rugged Embedded Computer
MPL has developed a new product family based on the well-known PIP design. The PIP4X product family consists of powerful, energy-saving and highly integrated robust embedded computers. The MPL PIP46 design is based on components with an embedded roadmap. This makes the rugged embedded system suitable for various applications over the next 15 years. This rugged industrial PC is based on an industrial embedded MPL motherboard with Intel® C246 chipset. This embedded motherboard supports 8th and 9th generation embedded Intel Core processors. The MPL PIP46 is therefore equipped with a powerful embedded Intel i7-8850H processor. This industrial PC is resistant to shocks, vibrations and to the most extreme ambient temperatures. This rugged embedded computer comes standard with various interfaces, such as: DP, DVI-D, USB 3.1 and RS232/422/485. The PIP46 is also equipped with the following internal interfaces: mPCIe, m.2 and PCIe/104. This allows your embedded system to be provided with various expansion options.

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Ruggedized Industrial Box PC

The PIP46 has been developed to perform optimally in very extreme ambient temperatures. This embedded system is resistant to temperatures ranging from -40 ° C to +85 ° C.

Its unique rugged design, combined with very high-quality components, offers users high reliability and durability. Every PIP housing is chromated which provides an optimal protection against EMI.

Innovative Cooling

In a normal environment, PCs are cooled by fans and these systems are generally located in an air-conditioned room with a constant temperature of around 30 °C. However, these conditions do not apply to industrial embedded PCs. Embedded computers are exposed to the most challenging environments and temperatures. A PC with a standard ventilation system is not an option for this type of application. The conductive cooling system of the MPL PIP46 is designed to operate completely fanless up to 65 °C. Instead of cooling the embedded hardware with air, the produced heat is passively dissipated through the heat sink in the chromatic housing. On request it is possible to provide this fanless rugged embedded computer with a fail-safe ventilation array. Through this ingenious system no air and dust is being blown over the PCB, instead solely the heat sink is being cooled. The fans are located in a separate housing, that is mounted on the heat sink from the inside. With this integrated airflow, these rugged embedded computers can also operate under extreme temperatures of -40 °C to 65 °C at a full performance. This allows the PIP46 to be used effortlessly even in the most extreme temperature environments. The fail-safe ventilation array reduces the temperature stress of the internal components and also prevents current leakage. This results in an extended lifespan and failure safety of the MPL PIP46.

Tested in-house

MPL extensively tests every product through standard tests and burn-in cycles. Additionally, the PIP46 is tested under very extreme temperature changes. The products are tested in an in-house lab at temperatures ranging from -45 ° C to +90 ° C. With these quality assurance activities you are assured of a highly reliable industrial embedded system.

Embedded Roadmap

The motherboard is compatible with 8th and 9th generation Intel® Core i7/i5/i3 and Xeon-E processors. These processors are based on Intel’s 14 nm technology. When these processors are combined with an Intel® C246 chipset in one system, an industrial PC has more CPU and graphics power compared to previous generations.

This industrial embedded motherboard also supports the "refresh", or the 9th generation Intel® embedded processors. This makes this industrial embedded PC versatile and powerful.

Open Frame CPU Boards

The footprint of the PIP46 has remained identical to all its predecessors, the PIP3X, PIP2X, PIP1X and the PIPX series. This industrial embedded PC is available with standard (industrial) connectors or as an Open Board solution with lockable headers, this depends entirely on the choice of housing or on user needs.

Expansion Options

The internal expansion bus offers the possibility to integrate PCIe/104 or PCIe cards in the system. These expansion options make it possible for the PIP46 to be fully adapted to your application. The entire EMC system design meets CE, FCC, EN 50155, IEC 60945 and MIL-STD-810 standards.

The MPL PIP46 can also be expanded with PMC, mPCIe and XMC cards. These cards interface directly to the onboard PCIe x 16 bus.

By applying the XMC or PMC expansion cards you can integrate a maximum of 3/6 PMC or XMC modules in your system. The MPL PIP46 can therefore easily be expanded with various options such as: ADC / DAC, FPGA, Avionics XMC / PMC, Graphics or network cards.

With the Fine mPCIe expansion card, 6 additional mPCIe modules can be added to the system. For example, the PIP46 can be equipped with GPS, LTE, 3/4G, serial communication, or fieldbus communication (CAN & Profibus).

Network options

The MPL TX2FX media converter translates transmission signals from a twisted-pair 10/100/1000Base-TX cable to a 100Base-FX, or a 1000Base-X fiber optic cable. In this way, data transmission distances of up to 10 km can be achieved.

By means of the MPL UNIGET module, the PIP46 can be provided with RJ45 connectors, SFP cages or lockable headers. It is also possible to equip the available copper wire ports with PoE technology. Each Ethernet port is connected via its own Intel® Ethernet controller to a dedicated PCIe x1 lane.

With the MAXBES you can add a Gigabit switch function to the PIP46. Designed as a switch with eight 1Gbit ports and two 10 Gbit ports. This 8 port switch is available in a version with eight RJ45 copper ports, or in a variant with four RJ45 copper ports and four 1Gbit SFP ports. Most common transceivers can be used for the SFP ports.

The MPL MAGBES Gigabit switch is ideal for rugged applications. This Gigabit switch is available with five or eight ports RJ45 ports. You can also opt for a variant with 2/4 fiber ports. The MAGBES module is also available with lockable headers for a full-custom configuration.

RAID 0/1

By adding an MPL HSRAID module, your PIP46 configuration can be provided with a front-accessible, hot-swappable HDD / SSD tray. The Intel® C246 chipset supports various RAID configurations. For example, the various HDDs/SSDs can also be configured as RAID 0/1, if combined with the internal SATA port. This allows large files to be stored quickly and reliably. The hard disk can be safely removed without turning off the PC.

Edge Computing & Intel vPro

All MPL PIP4x industrial embedded box PCs are equipped with Intel® vPro ™ technology. The PIP46 is equipped with an Intel i7-8850H processor, which supports this technology. The Intel® vPro ™ platform features Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT). With Intel® AMT, efficient proactive and reactive maintenance of computer endpoints is made possible. This is crucial given the current speed of technological change. Today, software patches are common and are often needed in all layers of the stack. Intel® AMT offers full operating system independent external control of end points, via wired or wireless connections. This enables, among other things, the execution of wake and patch, system reimaging and system recovery.

Powerful Remote Control Options

Due to the fact that the PIP46 is being equipped with Intel® UHD processor graphics, technicians are able to access the system using external keyboard/video/mouse remote control (KVM) This brings several benefits: onsite repairs can be considerably reduced, computing uptime increases and disruption due to planned updates decreases.

Additional System Protection with Intel® vPro ™

In addition to remote management, the Intel® vPro ™ platform also offers additional hardware security to all layers in the computing stack of your PIP46. For example, transparent supply chain has a mechanism that confirms the authenticity of the hardware components. With Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) the select code and data on your industrial PC is protected. In addition, Intel® Authenticate Technology provides additional PC login security.
  • processeur
    type de processeurIntel Core
    Série de processeursCoffee lake
    Socket typeBGA1440
    Fréquence de base2.6 / 4.3 GHz
    Nb. de cœurs6
    TDP45 W
  • Mémoire
    Type de mémoireDDR4
    Emplacements de mémoire2
  • Carte vidéo
    Les liensDisplay Port (DP) up to 4096x2160 and DVI-D
    (LVDS / eDP up to 1920 x 1200 optional)
    ChipsetIntel® UHD Graphics 630
  • Expansion
    slots d'extensionmPCIe
    2x mPCIe PCI Express Gen3, x1 lane & USB 2.0 (combined with mSATA)

    2x communication slot (1x Key-A, PCIe/USB 2.0 & 1x Key-B, USB 3.x/PCIe/SATA), dual SIM connector

    1x PCIe/104 slot (4x PCIe x1 lane, x16 PEG port, 2x USB 2.0)
  • Ports et interfaces
    interface série ata2x SATA 3.0 ports
    Watchdog timerConfigurable granularity 1-255 sec. or 1-255 min.
    Interface LAN1
    USB 2.0 les ports4
    Externe I/OGraphics Interfaces
    Display Port (DP) up to 4096x2160 (DP) and DVI-D (LVDS / eDP up to 1920 x 1200 optional)
    Triple display capable, ESD protected. Gen3 PCIe port x16 (PEG) for graphic card

    8x USB 3.1 ports, supports USB keyboards and mice as legacy devices
    4x additional internal USB2.0 ports

    AMT / vPro support*, optional up to 5 LAN ports

    Serial Ports
    4x full modem RS232/422/485 ports, ESD protected and isolated on external DB9 connectors

    Intel HDAudio signals, available on a 1 mm header, sound card (HDSOUND-1) is available
  • Capacité de stockage
    interface de stockageSATA
    2x SATA 3.0 ports

    2x mSATA Full-Mini Card combo socket with SATA 3.0 & USB 2.0

    m.2 1x NVMe or SATA SSD
  • Spécifications mécaniques
    Dimensions270 x 162 x 63/83/120mm
    des poulets à certains critèresCompact fanless
  • Caractéristiques du produit
    Le poids2,2kg
  • Spécifications électriques
    plage d'entrée10 - 36 VDC input range, ESD and EMC protected power input (optionally up to 110VDC) Protection against: up to -36 VDC over voltage, reverse polarity, up to 150V load dump
    Power consumption5-65 Watt (Enhanced Intel Speed Step Technology)
    ignition_controlCombinded power button and ignition input, specifically for vehicles
  • Spécification environnementale
    température de stockage-45°C up to +85°C
    température de fonctionnement-20°C/+60°C
  • Certificats
    normesThe PIP40 Family is designed to meet or exceed the most common standards. Particular references are:
    EN 55022, EN 55024, EN 61000, MIL-STD-461E

    Shock & Vibration
    EN 60068

    Environmental & Safety
    EN 50155, MIL-STD-810G, EN 60601, EN 60950

    Approval List
    CE, IEC 60945, IACS E10
  • Données GENERALES
    Garantie36 Maanden
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