Tektelic Kona Micro IoT 868MHz EU LAN no battery gateway

  • Application : Automation, Digital signage, IoT
  • réseau mobile : Lora
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The KONA Micro IoT Gateway is designed for enterprise and lightweight industrial applications that require “Always On” connectivity. the KONA Micro IoT gateway continues to operate and transmits sensor data to the network even when the main site has lost power. Simple to configure and cost effective, it is an ideal hub for deployment of enterprise-level applications in areas where LoRaWAN® coverage is not yet readily available or for private networks where the operator requires unfettered access to the gateways regardless of their deployment location

Key Product Differentiators
● Enable critical enterprise IoT applications with ‘Always On’ connectivity.
● Reduce set up costs with plug-n-play installation using a custom provisioned factory image.
● Improve coverage and service resulting in increased IoT application adoption and customer satisfaction.
● Simplify management with the KonaFT OAM tool.
● Operational status indicated with multi-function LED.
● Fully integrated with the broader eco-system of LoRa™ network servers and sensors.
  • Caractéristiques principales
    caractéristiques● NA 915, EU868, AUS923, JP920 ISM Bands
    ● Rx Dynamic Range 70 dB Analog, 100+ dB Digital ● Time Duplex 8 Rx / 1 Tx
    ● External LoRa Antenna
    ● Operational Status LED
    ● Plug - n - Play Operation
    ● Factory Image for Mass Deployment
    ● In-Service Updates
  • Ports et interfaces
    Interface LAN1
  • Spécifications mécaniques
    Dimensions115 x 115 x 40 mm
  • Caractéristiques du produit
    Le poids<200 g
  • Spécifications électriques
    plage d'entrée12V / 1A Adapter
    Power consumption<7 W
  • Spécification environnementale
    température de stockage0°C/+40°C
    température de fonctionnement0°C/+40°C
    humidité relative5% to 95% Condensing
  • Données GENERALES
    ApplicationAutomation, Digital signage, IoT
  • datasheetKono-Micro.pdf
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