Uninterruptible PSU 180 W

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  • Caractéristiques du produit
    Type de produitPower supplies
    Groupe de produitsUninterruptible power supplies
    Trou de poignéeNon
    Informations générales sur le produit
    • Ensures power continuity in the event of a mains failure
    • Suitable for installation in a 5.. drive holder
    • Floating contacts (DB-9) for UPS communication: I ndicates the operating states: mains ok/mains failure/end of battery capacity/input for UPS deactivation signal
    • Integral maintenance-free batteries
    • CE certified, IE C 60 950 tested (LVD/EM C)
    The UPS does not have an RS 232 interface. Upon request you can obtain an adaptor cable including CD-ROM with shutdown drivers for automatic termination of program routines and shutdown of the system for Windows, Netware and Linux. Additional battery (5.. ) to extend to 500 VA available on request.
    Technical specifications:
    • Output 300 VA/180 W
    • Input/output voltage:
      • 220, 230, 240 V AC } 15 %
      • Input frequency: 50 Hz } 5 %
      • Output frequency: 50 Hz } 1 %
    Le poids3,38 kg
  • Données GENERALES
    FabricantHEITEC AG
    Ean code4250558900611
    Garantie12 Maanden

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