Activating a new system

On this page you will find some guidelines before you start using the system.

● Run a backup
● Activate Windows
● Windows license terms
● What to do when a system becomes defective


Run a backup

Before you start using the system, we recommend to run a backup (image) of the system.
When something occurs in the future, you will be able to restore the backup.
We recommend to use of the programs below to execute this. :

- Dism (Microsoft)
- Clonezilla
- Arconis


Activate Windows

When your system is provided with Windows, you will need to activate this, unless it is a bulk license without product code.
The Windows activation code can be found on the side or back of your system.
Please do not forget to remove the scratch layer to make the product code visible.

Windows (English)
Open start menu -> click on settings -> Update & Security -> Activation -> Update product key
click on change product code and follow the steps.

If you require detailed information about activating Windows, please visit the Microsoft website


Windows license terms

If you, or the headquarters of your organisation, is located in the United States, please read the
the binding arbitration clause and class-action waiver in Article 10. These have consequences for the way in which disputes are settled.

Windows 10 license terms

English - Microsoft software license terms

Windows 11 license terms

English - Microsoft software license terms


What if a system becomes defective

When your system becomes defective, we are offering the possibility to request an RMA number.
Please click here to request an RMA number.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.