AnySens universeel sensorplatform Sigfox, LoRa

Core | Vision
  • Marktsegment : IoT
  • Apparaat : Gateways
  • mobiel netwerk : Lora, Sigfox, LTE, NarrowBand

Dit veelzijdige sensorplatform combineert datalogging en gateway functionaliteit. Hierdoor kunt diverse sensoren koppelen in 1 transparant platform en koppelen aan uw cloud omgeving.

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  • Processor
    Processor serieCortex M
    Basisfrequentie860 MHz - 930 MHz
  • Belangrijkste eigenschappen
    KenmerkenThe LPWAN Module is the AnySens base module/edgedevice. Besides the local processingpower, the module is equipped with:

    • Sigfox/LoRacommunication(TTN,KPN,Private)
    • 6-axis IMU
    • 3-axismagnetometer
    • Temperaturesensor
    • Barometricpressuresensor
    • Localstorage
    • Expansion interface to connect the other (AnySens) add-on module
  • Poorten & Interfaces
    mobiel netwerkLora, Sigfox, LTE, NarrowBand
    bleutoothBleutooth LE
    Seriele poorten2
    Interne I/O[ASAN-001] Analog Input Module
    The Analog Input Module is the extension that interfaces with external sensors / connections. This module is a 4-channel fully programmable analog Input module which can measure:
    • Current: 4-20mA
    • Voltage: 0-10V
    • Resistive: 2-wire/4-wire(RTD,Loadcell,..)
    • Thermocouples

    [ASDI-001] Digital Input/Output Module
    AnySens is also capable reading and controlling digital signals using the Digital Input / Output Module. This makes it possible to add control loops (edgedeviceorcloudbased):
    • 4/8 Isolated digital inputs
    • 4Potential-free digital outputs (24V/1A)

    [ASBL-001] BLE Module
    The BLE Module (BLE 5) support the following features and functionalities:
    • BLE advertising
    • Localisation using iBeacons
    • Interact with BLE devices / sensors

    [ASLT-001] LTE-M/NB-IoTModule
    For applications that require a higher bandwidth, the LTE-M / NB-IoT Module is used. It is even possible to combine LTE-M / NB-IoT with Sigfox/LoRa for redundant communication.
    • LTECatM1
    • LTECatNB1

    [ASSE-001] Serial Interface Module
    The Serial Interface Module is used for local communication with external perhipherals or devices with a serial interface. This module contains 2 serial interfaces and supports the following standards:
    • RS-232
    • RS-422
    • RS-485
  • Opslag
    Opslag Capaciteit8 MB
    Opslag interfaceFlash memory
  • Omgeving specificatie
    Opslag temperatuur -40°C…+85°C
    Operating Temperatuur-20°C/+70°C
  • Software support
    Operating systeemBesides the standard off the shelf modules and firmware, custom add-on modules and firmware can be created on customer request.
  • Generieke data
    FabrikantCore | Vision
    Garantie24 Maanden

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