RAKwireless is a leading player in the global IoT landscape, dedicated to simplifying design and accelerating time-to-market. RAKwireless helps transform ideas into IoT solutions.

RAK's journey began with three core beliefs that drive their passion for IoT solutions.

  • Simplicity in Complexity: RAK believes IoT should be accessible to everyone. They strive to eliminate barriers to connectivity and interoperability, making IoT simple and user-friendly.
  • Innovative Modular Components: RAK creates modular edge devices, like WisGate, WisBlock, and SensorHub, leading the way in global innovation and offering greater capabilities to their users.
  • IoT Made Easy: RAK's philosophy centers around "IoT Made Easy." RAK is committed to providing you with cost-efficient, developer-tested, and enterprise-ready solutions, making your IoT projects hassle-free.

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