IGT-22 Industrial grade ARM-based IoT gateway with 8DI and 8

  • Processor : ARM
  • Max geheugen : 1GB
  • Operating Temperatuur : -25°C/+70°C
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IGT-22 Industrial grade ARM-based IoT gateway with 8DI and 8
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Neousys IGT-20 Series ARM-based Box PC is an industrial grade IoT Gateway. Unlike System on Module (SoM) that's commonly provided as a barebone component, IGT-20 is based on AM3352 from Texas Instrument's Sitara AM335x family and will be shipped as a ready system pre-installed with Debian. The industrial nature of IGT-20 means it is in compliance with common industrial certifications such as CE/FCC, shock and vibration. Another distinction IGT-20 has over SoM is that it accepts a wider range of power inputs ranging from 8 to 25 VDC (SoM usually accepts 5 VDC).

IGT-20 Series IoT Gateway has I/Os that are applicable to a range of industrial grade sensors. It features one USB2.0, one 10/100M LAN, two configurable COM ports (RS-232/485) and an optional CAN bus port. In addition to the ports mentioned, there are 4 built-in isolated digital input channels that accept discrete signals from various sensors or buttons/ switches. There are also four built-in isolated digital output channels to control actuators and indicators.

Communication wise, IGT-20 has a mini PCIe slot and a USIM holder allowing it to transmit acquired data and system status via 3G, 4G or WiFi (mini PCIe WiFi module). There is an opening on top of IGT-20 for users to mount the SMA connector of the wireless module. In terms of storage, IGT-20 has dual microSDHC slots, one internal and one external. This design allows users to separate system/ user data and can expedite in OS deployment for mass production. As a gateway, users can take advantage of six programmable status LED indicators and two control buttons to operate IGT-20 without using a keyboard/ mouse.
  • Processor
    Basisfrequentie1 GHz
    Aantal cores1
  • Geheugen
    GeheugentypeSoldered DDR3L
    Max geheugen1GB
  • Belangrijkste eigenschappen
    Kenmerken● Industrial grade ARM-based system with pre-installed Debian
    ● Certified to operate on Verizon network
    ● Compact size, designed for wireless gateway application
    ● Wide temperature range operating from -25℃ to 70℃
    ● 8 to 25V wide-range DC input
    ● Rich Local I/Os, such as USIM Slot, USB, 10/100M LAN, and RS-232/485
    ● Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT
  • Uitbreidingsmogelijkheden
    Uitbreiding slotsmPCIe
    1x full size mPCIe with SIM holder, USB 2.0 only
  • Poorten & Interfaces
    LAN poorten1
    Seriele poorten2
    USB 2.0 poorten1
    Externe I/OLan
    1x 10/100M Ethernet

    1x RS-232
    1x RS-485 (115.2kbps)

    1x USB 2.0

    1x 8-CH isolated DI
    1x 8-CH isolated DO

    6x user programmable LEDs

    2x user programmable buttons
  • Opslag
    Opslag interfaceSD Card
    1x internal T-flash socket support SDHC
    1x external T-flash socket support SDHC
  • Mechanische specificaties
    Afmetingen41mm(W) x 77mm(D) x 104mm(H)
    MontageDIN-rail mount
  • Product eigenschappen
    Gewicht0.4 Kg
  • Electrische specificaties
    Input range8 to 25V wide-range DC input
  • Omgeving specificatie
    Operating Temperatuur-25°C/+70°C
  • Certificeringen


    CE/FCC Class A
    according to EN 55032
  • Software support
    Operating systeemPre-installed Debian 9
  • Generieke data
    MarktsegmentAutomation, Digital signage, IoT, In-vehicle
    Garantie24 Maanden

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