Handle Typ VII metal bottom w. offset

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Weitere Informationen
Weitere Informationen
  • Produkt Merkmale
    ProduktfamilieFront panels, Handles
    ProduktgruppeHandle VII metal
    Versionbottom (1/2 HP offset)
    Allgemeine ProduktinformationenMetal (telecom)
    For inserting and removing PCBs with a high connector pin-count (up to 815 N). This handle was specifically designed for use in telecom applications.
    • Insertion/removal function
    • Optionally with ½ HP offset PCB attachment, e. g. for component mounting on both sides
    • Minimum front space requirements due to foldup handle
    • Keyable
    • Optional integral micro-switch for “live insertion” applications
    • ES D pin to dissipate static charges prior to making contact with the connectors and for precise positioning of the board type plug-in unit
    • Metal design for use in aggressive atmospheres
    Material: Die-cast zinc

    Supply includes: Assembly parts.

    Note: Insertion only when used with front horizontal rails, with 10 mm extension (B, B1, B2)
    Gewicht54 gr.
  • Allgemeine Daten
    HerstellerHEITEC AG
    EAN Code4250558909812
    Gewährleistung12 Monate

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