Our company history goes back more than 40 years. Arcobel was founded in 1974 in Oss (Netherlands). Through the distribution of active components from AMD and Hitachi, Arcobel has grown over the years to what it is today; A leading value added distributor and system integrator of industrial PCs, embedded IoT systems, industrial plug-in cards and network solutions. Arcobel has its own ESD safe assembly facility where our industrial embedded systems are assembled and tested. As a distributor in the Benelux, Arcobel carries various embedded product lines from a select group of industry leading parties.

Arcobel's corporate culture can be summarized as open, results-oriented and do what we promise. We do not give up until the customer is satisfied with the solution he needs to be successful. Below are some facts and projects that characterize us.

MPL rugged embedded systems

For example, Arcobel started distributing MPL products in 1985. These industrial computers and embedded processor boards from our Swiss partner have been used for various ICT projects in rugged industrial and military / aerospace environments for many years.

Customer specific MPL solutions for the most diverse applications

For example, to enable automatic border control, Arcobel has supplied industrial embedded PCs for biometric identification for a business partner. Today, this customer-specific solution is applied at various airports worldwide.

This reliable PIP computers based on a customer-specific design is also used to control cameras on public roads. With an operating temperature from -40 ° C to 75 ° C and a rugged housing, the MPL embedded computers offer a very reliable solution for various applications.

MEN Mikro Railway 4.0 & Industry 4.0 solutions

Arcobel has been distributing Mikro Elektronik Nürnberg (MEN) products since 1998. The company is known for its highly reliable embedded standard computer cards and devices, which are used in extremely rugged mobile, industrial and safety-critical applications.

Custom Railway 4.0 solutions

Arcobel has developed various customer-specific solutions for the Railway market in collaboration with MEN. For example, using a customer-specific 19 ”CompactPCI solution, Arcobel has delivered a Wi-Fi solution for high-speed trains.

In addition, we have developed a customer-specific multimedia chair entertainment display in collaboration with our partners based on MEN hardware. This system was developed in a span of several months, EN50155 certified and delivered to the customer.

Arcobel enters into an agreement with Microsoft

In 2005 Arcobel concluded a CLA with Microsoft to develop customer-specific Windows embedded operating systems. This allows us to develop a fully customized image for your industrial application. In this way we develop a closed embedded system that can only perform specific tasks. This is ideal, for example, for the implementation of Box PCs, which can be used in this way for a specific task.

Introduction of own IPC line INFINICORE

With many years of experience in developing, configuring and assembling industrial embedded computers, Arcobel introduced its own IPC product line called INFINICORE in 2007. Each selected component is based on quality, reliability and availability. These 19 ”industrial PCs can be used for various applications. The configurations are recorded in an ERP system so that an identical system can be reconstructed over time.

Looking for a customer specific IPC for your application?

Our Engineers can put together a fully customized system for you. For example, we have developed a completely unique solution in collaboration with a relationship active in IT security. The customer was looking for a very powerful 1U 19 ”system, which has many LAN ports, is modular and can be delivered for a long time. The Gigabyte LAN modules are developed in-house for our customers by our Engineers. This allows the system to be equipped with up to 16 LAN ports for high networking bandwidth throughput. This system is used, among other things, to locate and analyze DDOS attacks.

Our webshop AbiGo4U.com

Arcobel has also had its own webshop since 2010. The AbiGo4U webshop was set up by Arcobel to offer its customers the convenience of online ordering and to present the product range in the best possible way.

Neousys rugged embedded systems

As of 2011, the Neousys brand has been distributed by Arcobel within the Benelux. You will also find Neousys industrial box PCs for automation, machine vision, in-vehicle and security applications on our website.

Heitec Chassis Technology

Arcobel has been distributing Heitec Electronic packaging systems for the Benelux since 2016.

Teltonika IoT network solutions

Arcobel started distributing Teltonika Internet of Things (IoT) network solutions in 2019, which provide an answer to many industrial and enterprise connectivity issues. In locations where a wired internet cannot be installed, a local hotspot can be created with a Teltonika 4G router. The Teltonika routers and Gateways can also be used as an internet backup solution. The Teltonika Gateways even have serial interfaces to read sensors, for example. With the Teltonika Remote Management System (RMS) you can manage all these connections remotely.

The combination of our years of experience and technical expertise makes Arcobel a unique player in the embedded market. Arcobel is therefore known in the market for its innovative and flexible approach. Every day we are ready to support you with all your questions.

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