Our mission

We are Arcobel: we offer organizations in the industrial sector the very best hardware solutions. Our technical knowledge enables them to improve industrial processes or activities and to work smarter and more efficiently.

Our vision

As a deeply technology-driven organization, we offer organizations in the industrial sector high-end hardware solutions and services. We gather our technical expertise worldwide and use it to identify the request for help. By sharing knowledge of applicable laws and regulations, we support the sector and protect it from pitfalls. We therefore continuously work on initiating, maintaining and expanding our ISO certifications and sustainability goals of the United Nations. We aim to achieve a leading market position in this area.

Our brand promise

We believe in quality, service, knowledge sharing, investing in relationships, and in our passion: putting together smart industrial embedded hardware systems. We investigate what is really needed to take industrial processes or activities to a higher level using embedded hardware. We do this with respect for all parties involved and in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Through our years of experience in this industry, we understand the importance of a reliable and knowledge-driven supplier who is able to enhance industrial processes to a higher level. Therefore, we are;
• loyal to our customers and suppliers,
• reliable;
• technology driven,
• a market leader,
• skilled and service-oriented.

We focus on sustainable business. We put together systems that are as energy efficicient and environmentally friendly as possible. We are always consciously opt for quality and a long lifespan when purchasing components.

In order to offer the very best hardware solutions and service, it is crucial to identify the customers' needs, apply our profound technical knowledge, and leverage our worldwide network suppliers with whom we maintain relationships of trust and respect. This allows us to offer the most competitive solution to help organisations improve their industrial processes and work smarter and more efficiently.

Our company logo

The blue column symbolises the high-end solutions and consultancy that we offer within our ten markets and twelve product groups.

The yellow column symbolises our team, which reliably supports and facilitates our pursuit of those solutions.

The red column symbolises the continuous innovation and the developments in the market that we monitor and apply carefully.

The green column represents the tailor made hardware we build and assemble at our location in Heesch and symbolises sustainable entrepreneurship. We put this into practise by making conscious choices ensuring that our systems are as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

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