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Research and development covers the entire process of process and product innovation. The R&D stage is crucial for initiating large-scale production.

After researching the basic principles, a prototype can be developed. In this pilot phase or pilot study, research is being done into the practical applicability. In R&D, the development of the first copy is very important. This also applies to the development of a completely new industrial embedded computer systems. Our Engineers have the required knowledge & experience to developing new innovative solutions. Over the years we have often been used as a sparring partner in the development of new technologies. We have built up extensive references based on various IT projects.

Many of our customers use "standard proven" hardware that is supplemented with customer specific developments. An application sometimes requires very specific hardware components, which are not always available as standard. For example, you can think of customer-specific I/O modules, PCB adjustments or extra LAN options. We can supply such components through our sister organization Core | Vision.

In cooperation with a select group of market-distinguishing suppliers, we develop a suitable prototype. By carrying out a pilot, the prototype is tested for practical applicability. Eventually the product is developed that can then be put on the market. We have already developed many unique solutions based on this lab test method. These embedded products are located deep in the sea and into space. For deployment in such demanding environments, the embedded hardware must be ruggedized and made resistant to the most challenging environments.

At the start of every development process, our Engineers make an appropriate component and manufacturer choice, tailored to the requirements of each application. This allows us to deliver products that can be delivered for a long time and that meet certain certifications and/or guidelines.

Are you looking for a specific solution for a challenging IT project? We have the expertise to convert these challenges into solutions. We would like to get in touch with you to develop a suitable solution for your ICT project.

Proba-V: Mini Satellite Maps Global Vegetation

The “V” in Proba-V stands for “Vegetation”. The main instrument on board makes multispectral images. It continues the observations that have been carried out for 15 years with the Vegetation on board instrument of the Spot 4 and Spot 5 satellites. Proba-V is not even a cubic metre large, but is nevertheless able to map all the vegetation on our planet. With this data, it is possible to assess the consequences of climate change, manage surface water better, follow agriculture and keep an eye on food safety, among other things. Arcobel delivered a number of different coated 3U CompactPCI cards for this satellite..


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