Cybersecurity & Surveillance

  1. Compact embedd Computer Atom E3825 CPU up to 8GB 8-36vdc
    Compact embedd Computer Atom E3825 CPU up to 8GB 8-36vdc
    • Processor: Intel Atom
    • Max memory: 8GB
    • Storage temperature: -45°C up to +85°C
    Price on request
    The MPL CEC12 is a powerful, energy-efficient rugged embedded industrial computer. This industrial embedded solution is available in various types of housing options. The system can be integrated in a compact aluminum housing with DIN rail or flange mount, a robust MIL IP67 housing and is also available as an open frame solution with a cooling plate. As a result, the reliable MPL embedded computer board can also be integrated into a completely customer-specific chassis. Its unique chassis solutions make it possible to not only use the MPL CEC12 in a moderate environment, but also in very harsh industrial environment, operating completely fanless under temperatures of -40 ° C to + 85 ° C. Due to its compact size of 62 x 162 x 120 mm (W x H x D), combined with the various mouting solutions, makes it possible to install the embedded industrial PC in extremely tight working spaces. The industrial design of the custom MPL SoC offers the possibility to integrate standard connectors or lockable headers into the industrial system, this depends entirely on the choice of housing. The MPL CEC12 can be used for various x86 applications, where users are looking for a complete rugged fanless embedded solution, which can also be expanded for future applications. This makes the MPL CEC12 extremely suitable for industrial environments, railway applications and MIL / COTS applications. Learn More
  2. Teltonika RUT955 4G LTE M2M Router 150 MBps DUAL Sim & GPS-I
    Teltonika RUT955 4G LTE M2M Router 150 MBps DUAL Sim+Dinrail
    • Processor: MIPS
    • Max memory: 128MB
    €266.20 €220.00

    De Teltonika RUT955 is een hoogst betrouwbare en veilige 4G/LTE-router met I/O, GNSS en RS232/RS485 voor industriële applicaties en wordt geleverd met standaard DIN-RAIL. Learn More




Arcobel is a leading player in the world of cyber security & surveillance (i.a. video). Through our customers, our network security products find their way to banks, hospitals, or for example, insurers. We also supply products, both standard and customized, for use in the security of airports, industrial areas, ports, universities or retail chains.

The embedded computer products that we provide for these purposes are increasingly targeted by cyber criminals. These criminals are interested in, among other things, obtaining intellectual property, valuable company data or privacy-sensitive personal data. Cyber crime is expected to increase in the coming years. The number of DDoS attacks, for example, is increasing hand in hand and is forcing our society to respond.

To be able to defend computer networks against a DDoS attack, each data package must be investigated and analyzed, without causing any latency. To be able to map the complexity of an attack, a thorough behavioral analysis must also be carried out. This ensures that a considerable amount of computing power is required.

Together with our customers we think about how we can meet these challenges. We do this through the use of high-quality computer systems. We increasingly see that solutions have some form of artificial intelligence (AI). To be able to use this technique, special processors or high-performance video cards are used. The systems often have a lot of storage capacity to be able to preprocess data on the system. Storage capacity is also of high importance for forensic IT investigation in the event of a disaster. Apart from the fact that the systems must be up to date with the latest software patches, it is also important that these units are switched on 24/7. Intensive test periods prior to the approval of such a platform also ensure that products are deliverable long and identically. A trend that we see more often is to realize an external gateway that can be used as a secure fall-back connection if the main system has become unreachable.

The manufacturers and products that we represent are optimally equipped to cater to this market. As an Arcobel customer, you have access to your own system configurations, updates and variants so that the cause can be traced quickly in the event of a disaster.

Given the sensitivity in this sector, we cannot go into too much detail. If you want to know more about cyber security & surveillance and what we can do for you as Arcobel, please contact us.

Biometric Identification

We have been supplying hardware systems for security and access systems for many years. Our rackmount versions and desktop systems are used at various locations for security and access control. To enable automated border control, we delivered industrial embedded computers to a customer for biometric identification at an airport. We are able to meet specific requirements such as: the hardware needs to be trustworthy and identical configuration need to be available for delivery for a long time. Nowadays, several airports around the world are using this access control system.

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