Industrial Automation

  1. 1U rackmount server 7de generatie Intel CPU & PCIe slot
    1U rackmount server 7de generatie Intel CPU & PCIe slot
    • Processor: Intel Core
    • Max memory: 32GB
    Price on request

    Indien de gevraagde configuratie er niet bij staat neem dan contact met ons op. Wij kunnen bijna alle type hardware integreren.

    Deze 1U industriële embedded rackmount pc kan uitgerust worden met diverse Intel® 7th Generation Core™ en Intel® 6th Generation Core™ processoren geschikt voor serverapplicaties waar het aantal rekenkernen zeer belangrijk is. Het industriële X11SSV-Q datacenter optimized moederbord van Supermicro biedt vele I/O mogelijkheden. Daarnaast valt dit moederbord onder de categorie ITX moederborden, dergelijke embedded industriële moederborden zijn vele jaren leverbaar. Hierdoor kunnen we dan ook garanderen dat aangepaste configuraties jarenlang te leveren zijn. De processor, het geheugen en de fans zijn dan ook aanpasbaar aan de hand van de wensen van de gebruiker. Ook is de PC uit te breiden met SSD NVMe geheugen waardoor gebruikers zondere enige latency snel toegang zullen krijgen tot hun data. De optie om TPM toe te passen maakt het mogelijk dat zowel op hardware als software niveau een volledige beveiliging gerealiseerd kan worden. Met drie verschillende display poorten voor VGA en digitaal signaal kunnen er ook drie verschillende monitoren aan verbonden worden. Door de inclusie van een PCI-e slot is het mogelijk om de PC met diverse Network Interface Modules uit te rusten. Verder beschikt de PC over COM en USB poorten om externe hardware met het systeem te verbinden. Neem contact met ons op voor alle aanpassingsmogelijkheden omtrent het design en de hardware mogelijkheden. Learn More
  2. Aplex VITAM-124P met capacitive touch scherm en RVS SUS 316 behuizing.
    24" IP66 RVS Display VGA/HDMI PCAP
    • Storage temperature: -30~70°C
    Price on request

    Ervaar de hoogst mogelijke industriële bescherming door het IP69K ontwerp van deze VITAM-124 P stainless steel industriële monitor met M12 connectoren. Ook is de monitor uit te breiden met optical bonding zodat deze industriële computer ook in zeer vochtige omgevingen goed blijft presteren. Deze Aplex 15,6" industriële monitor uit de VITAM serie beschikt over een speciale stainless steel behuizing. De monitor is hierdoor bestendig tegen hoge druk waterstralen en accumulerend stof. Door dit IP69K ontwerp is de monitor goed te reinigen en kan deze hygiënische monitor volledig via het 7H robuuste en krasbestendige touchscreen met medische handschoenen bedient worden. Voor een volledig ruggedized configuratie zou u een Neousys POC-300 op dit beeldscherm kunnen aansluiten. Naast dat dit beeldscherm over een rugged design beschikt, is deze industriële embedded PC ook nog eens zeer energiezuinig. De PC is namelijk te configureren met een Intel® Atom™ of een Intel® Apollo Lake™ processor. Om de hoeveelheid kabels op de werkvloer te besparen kan deze PC tevens via PoE aangesloten worden. Door de aanwezige VGA poort is de PC tevens zonder enige latency met deze industriële IP66/IP69 monitor te verbinden. Learn More
  3. Compact embedd Computer Atom E3825 CPU up to 8GB 8-36vdc
    Compact embedd Computer Atom E3825 CPU up to 8GB 8-36vdc
    • Processor: Intel Atom
    • Max memory: 8GB
    • Storage temperature: -45°C up to +85°C
    Price on request
    The MPL CEC12 is a powerful, energy-efficient rugged embedded industrial computer. This industrial embedded solution is available in various types of housing options. The system can be integrated in a compact aluminum housing with DIN rail or flange mount, a robust MIL IP67 housing and is also available as an open frame solution with a cooling plate. As a result, the reliable MPL embedded computer board can also be integrated into a completely customer-specific chassis. Its unique chassis solutions make it possible to not only use the MPL CEC12 in a moderate environment, but also in very harsh industrial environment, operating completely fanless under temperatures of -40 ° C to + 85 ° C. Due to its compact size of 62 x 162 x 120 mm (W x H x D), combined with the various mouting solutions, makes it possible to install the embedded industrial PC in extremely tight working spaces. The industrial design of the custom MPL SoC offers the possibility to integrate standard connectors or lockable headers into the industrial system, this depends entirely on the choice of housing. The MPL CEC12 can be used for various x86 applications, where users are looking for a complete rugged fanless embedded solution, which can also be expanded for future applications. This makes the MPL CEC12 extremely suitable for industrial environments, railway applications and MIL / COTS applications. Learn More
  4. Nuvo-2700DS AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 rugged 4x 4K
    Nuvo-2700DS AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 rugged 4x 4K
    • Processor: AMD
    • Max memory: 64GB
    • Storage temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C
    Price on request
    Due to component scarcity, no audio on this device Nuvo-2700DS series is a rugged digital signage system with AI inference capability for personalized user experience and audience measurement. Learn More




Automation applications are of critical importance, a computer failure can lead to expensive downtimes or product damage for a manufacturer. That is why it is very important that the used industrial PCs are based on reliable computer components.

Arcobel offers industrial embedded solutions for machine building and process automation. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we are able to translate today's complex IT challenges into the right embedded solution.

Our product range includes IoT-ready industrial computer platforms, through which time to market and your TCO can be considerably reduced. We supply both standard and customer-specific industrial systems, including fanless box PCs, industrial board solutions, IPCs and panel PCs.

Industrial panel PCs are becoming increasingly important in the industry 4.0 era. Panel PCs must be user-friendly and intuitive to use. We have developed panel PCs for various customers in the mechanical engineering sector, which are used to control their MES or SCADA application. These ruggedized systems are resistant to the prevailing conditions of an industrial production environment. Depending on the application, these panel PCs are provided with a capacitive touch or resistive touch screen.

The industrial environmental conditions differ per application and are important factors in selecting the most suitable industrial PC. Extreme temperatures, shocks and vibrations occur regularly in such an environment. A rugged fanless box PC with high temperature resistance then offers the right solution. Arcobel has a wide selection of fanless embedded Box PCs in its product range for such circumstances. Despite the fanless design, these systems continue to operate optimally under extreme temperatures of -40 °C to -75 °C.

Automated inspections nowadays occur in all industries. 19 ”Vision systems are used to identify the presence/absence, deviations, colors and characteristics of products. They optimize product quality and ensure high-quality product safety. In addition to standard 19 ”systems, Arcobel also supplies customer-specific solutions. In collaboration with our suppliers our Engineers are able to develop a 100% form fit system for you. Components such as the PCB or I/O modules can be developed entirely based on your requirements.

In addition to solutions at a board level, we also supply electronic packaging systems for every thinkable configuration. Our supplier Heitec is known for its industrial expertise in the field of electronic packaging. All standard Heitec components comply with the IEC 60297 standards. This makes it possible to integrate these Heitec components into multi-vendor industrial embedded systems. In cooperation with Heitec, our engineers can develop special purpose solutions for your IT project.

Based on our expertise and experience a suitable component and manufacturer selection will be made. If you want to know more about what we can do for you as a system integrator, then please get in touch with us.

PanelPCs for Production Monitoring

For one of our customers active in the food industry, we provided a solution of 25 panelPCs for their MES application (MES=Manufacturing execution system of a continual character). The panelPC systems are Full ip65 which means they are easily cleanable. In addition, we built in an RFID scanner so the units can only be used by authorized users with an RFID tag.

19” Racks for Automatic Production Monitoring

We created a 2U 19”rack for a large multinational that we can deliver in identical form for a long period. This client uses the system as part of a production line system for the automated testing of end products. It was important for this system that all the I/O was located on the front side of the system.

Custom 1u industrial PC with 5 year identical hardware

We received a request from a potential customer to provide them a small high performance system with long term availability. This client mainly develops measurement systems for functional diagnostics of left/right- heart catheterization. The systems are fully integrated with a documentation and reporting system and interface with all X-ray manufacturers.

We introduced to them our Infinicore IPC system. This 1U system is equipped with a power full baseboard PWF controlled small fans and there is also space for an additional add on card. When we were in contact with the customer they would like to have small modifications to this system like removable dust filters and company logo and color.

Once approved by the customer and the certification agency’s this system will be rolled out in batches of 25 pieces up to 150 systems a year. Beside this system we also supply accessories like KVM switches, keyboards and displays.

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