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Bonn, July 20, 2023

Arcobel expands to Germany with experienced German team

Since May 2023, Arcobel Embedded Solutions has extended its operations from the BeNeLux to Germany. In Bonn, we opened a sales office to develop the market in the DACH region. Account manager Holger Brüggemann and sales manager Yahya Altin, with combined over 50 years of experience in the German embedded industry, have come on board to build up a strong footprint. “We see a lot of potential in the German market”, says Douwe Schoenmakers, Managing Director of Arcobel. The embedded industry in the BeNeLux might be quite big, in the DACH region it’s far bigger. Just like any organisation, we consider growth as a key ingredient for successful business. We also need growth perspectives to stay attractive and relevant as an employer. We are currently exploring the possibilities of our hardware-as-a-service model, that we offer in cooperation with our sister company Anyware”.

AI and machine control Arcobel GmbH will operate as a separate entity within the Arcobel organization, and only as a sales department. The headquarters will stay in Heesch, as will the test and assembly facilities. However, we do not exclude that in the future, the German office will be expanded with their own facilities. As the German market is extensive, both geographically and in volume, Arcobel will focus on specific markets and product areas. Traditionally, we are strong in fields like public transportation and industrial automation, and we look forward to apply our extensive experience and knowledge in the DACH region. In addition, Schoenmakers already mentioned Arcobel’s hardware-as-a-service model. Our cloud based platform enables customers to realtime monitoring and analyzing data of industrial sensors. The platform is modular, plug and play and can be deployed completely as a service. “Next to that, we have two focal points”, says Altin, “artificial intelligence and robotics, and machine control.” The first sector is booming and fits perfectly with the added value that Arcobel can deliver. “We want to expand our business there.” Machine control and automation are relatively new for Arcobel but Altin and Brüggemann are convinced that Arcobel has a lot to offer in that sector. The assignments they have scored since the start, and the companies that have shown interest in Arcobel’s proposition, back them up. There are many German machine builders – for instance in the food and medical markets – reacting enthusiastically to what Arcobel can do for them.

Bigger volumes Of course, the German market is well covered with distributors of embedded computers and complementary products. However, Arcobel does much more than just moving boxes. “In contrast to many of our competitors, we operate independently from our suppliers”, adds Altin. “Since our engineers have a thorough understanding of the technology and are experienced in the respective fields, they can combine components from different manufacturers to create the most optimal solution for a customer, both in hardware and in software. Moreover, we can even customize end systems with, for instance, different connectors or housing, when the application calls for it.”

Big companies open to Arcobel approach The German market is different to the Dutch and Belgian industry in the sense that it is much bigger. Therefore, volumes will be higher. Another distinction is the fact that in the Benelux customers are more used to outsourcing and look out for finished products. “In Germany, the majority of the companies prefer to do the assembly themselves”, says Altin. “Especially the smaller companies can be quite protective and want to keep full control over the process.” However, it is precisely in that service and expertise that Arcobel can prove its added value; by taking over part of the engineering and by delivering a plug-and-play solution to the customer.

To illustrate this approach, Altin tells about a partnership with a large public transport operator in The Netherlands. “Arcobel partners proactively with the technical department by acting as R&D partner, advising about new hardware developments and setting up a knowledge base with technical information of the delivered hardware. We also take care of a thorough Product Life Cycle Management en End of Life Management, that ensures a reliable lifecycle management of all hardware within the organisation.” Altin notices that bigger companies in Germany tend to be more open to this approach. “We like to talk to the engineers and developers first, and to the purchasers second”, he explains. “We can only guarantee the best solutions when we have all the technical details.” Arcobel’s services go beyond

Professional flexible Altin points out another unique selling point of Arcobel. “We are, what I call, ‘professional flexible’”, he says. “Flexibility is a necessity when you want to move with your customers and adapt to their requirements. That is difficult to achieve in a large organisation. Arcobel is an ISO certified company that has the right size to have all the imperative knowhow in house, and still be flexible to adjust when needed.”

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Press release: April 4, 2023

Arcobel wins cyber security tender

More and more companies are considering the deployment of cyber security systems as a crucial part of their business operations. To withstand any possible cybercrime, a Dutch organisation has issued a tender for supplying the purchase of cyber security systems. Arcobel has been awarded the contract to purchase high tech security hardware. The contract will operate for a four-year period.


Due to confidentiality reasons we are not allowed to publish the name of the organisation and the specific requirements of the cyber security systems. In close cooperation with manufacturer MPL, Arcobel completed an extensive design process that resulted in a cyber security system which offers an optimal solution for the requirements and needs of the customer. Douwe Schoenmakers, managing director of Arcobel: “We deliver embedded hardware to the industrial sector and support security systems of banks, hospitals, airports, universities, chain stores and harbours with both standard and custom-made products. We are pleased to offer this contractor a future-proof solution for their specific cyber security needs. The contractor can trust that any possible digital vulnerability is reduced to a minimum, and they are therefore free to focus on their core business.”

Press release: March 14, 2023

Arcobel wins GVB Tender GIVA Broker

GVB, the municipal public transport operator of Amsterdam, currently transports 700,000 passengers daily, either by metro, tram, bus or ferry within the region of Amsterdam. They furthermore manage and maintain the tracks and vehicles they operate. GVB uses GIVA for its technology products and services. Arcobel has been awarded the contract as Generic Infrastructure and Vehicle Architecture (GIVA) broker for GVB. The contract will operate for a four-year period with a possible extension of two years.


Arcobel will take over the procurement of technical products, the creation and management of a knowledge base with up-to-date product and market information, proactive management of product lifecycles and the execution of the whole Return Material Authorisation (RMA) process. A project-based approach of the assignment ensures a goal-oriented, result-oriented and efficient execution.

Knowledge base, PCL and EOL management

Arcobel sets up a knowledge base with technical information of the delivered hardware. This enables them to respond swiftly to GVB support requests. Arcobel also acts as R&D partner and advises GVB proactively about new hardware developments. Vendor lock-in is prevented by using generic hardware and software. As a result, GVB is able to integrate new hardware applications in the IT landscape and all components can be replaced individually. Thorough Product Life Cycle Management and End of Life Management executed by Arcobel ensures a reliable lifecycle management of all hardware at GVB.

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