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The technological development of the maritime sector goes hand in hand with the industrial automation: smart ships, automated processes and proactive maintenance are increasingly being used. To achieve this, embedded computer technology is used. You can think of the implementation of AI, IoT, switches, panel PCs, and industrial PCs.

Cruise ships and luxury yachts are being equipped with infotainment to offer users an optimal travel experience. Thanks to ECDIS technology these systems can map the sailing route, while the applied industrial PCs exchange data with each other via the NMEA0183 protocol.

Selecting the right maritime hardware is a real challenge. Ships and their computer technology are exposed to harsh conditions: salty air, water and large temperature differences are major design challenges. Depending on the application, the system must be certified according to certain guidelines. Equipment that is used on a ship's bridge or that is part of the critical infrastructure must meet very strict safety requirements. To ensure that the equipment complies with this, the devices will have to be tested based on the IEC 60945 standards. This applies, among other things, to PCs, panel PCs and servers.

In order to insure such equipment, maritime insurers require that the equipment is also DNV-GL certified. DNV-GL is a recognized registrar and classification agency that accredits on the basis of an audit. To be eligible for a DNV certificate, the equipment must be tested on the basis of: shocks and vibrations, EMI and EMC. The predefined standards correspond to the IEC 60945 standards.

Maritime applications sometimes require very specific hardware components. These components are not always supplied by manufacturers as standard. In cooperation with our suppliers, we are able to develop a suitable solution for you on the basis of "standard proven" hardware. We work together with a select number of industry distinguishing manufacturers. Our partners have the required knowledge and facilities to extensively test a customer-specific system. This means that your system always meets the required quality requirements.

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Industrial PC for Controlling Systems at Sea

The conditions on the high seas are rough. Salt water, large temperature fluctuations and high waves are all things that the equipment has to be able to stand up to. We designed a customer specific industrial computer for one of our clients that meets these conditions. As a consequence, the housing was nickel-plated, the hard disks were mounted in such a way as to be shock resistant, and all the components that might work loose were treated in a special way and glued in place. An additional challenge in this case was that the “cost of ownership” needed to be kept as low as possible and the delivery time needed to be short. We keep fully ready systems in stock for this client..

Infotainment System for Exclusive Environments

In the world of the “Rich and Famous”, we developed a 19” 1U high computer system that is quite without parallel for one of our clients. This system is fully customized, has a luxurious appearance and is very compact. The hardware used is selected for its performance and long availability. One of the greatest challenges was the graphic performance that the system needed and the requirement that the system had to be quiet. The heat generated by the system therefore had to be dissipated in a quiet way. The final system was implemented a few months ago and is now fully built in series and sent directly from our warehouse to our client’s associates in customized packaging.

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