1. Teltonika RUT955 4G LTE M2M Router 150 MBps DUAL Sim & GPS-I
    Teltonika RUT955 4G LTE M2M Router 150 MBps DUAL Sim+Dinrail
    • Processor: MIPS
    • Max memory: 128MB
    €266.20 €220.00

    De Teltonika RUT955 is een hoogst betrouwbare en veilige 4G/LTE-router met I/O, GNSS en RS232/RS485 voor industriële applicaties en wordt geleverd met standaard DIN-RAIL. Learn More
  2. Rugged Embedded Computer Intel i5-8400H CPU up to 32GB
    Rugged Embedded Computer Intel i5-8400H CPU up to 32GB
    • Processor: Intel Core
    • Max memory: 32GB
    • Storage temperature: -45°C up to +85°C
    Price on request

    MPL PIP44 Rugged Embedded Computer
    MPL has developed a new PIP product family based on the well-known PIP design. The PIP4X product family consists of powerful, energy-saving and highly integrated robust embedded computers. The MPL PIP 44 design is based on embedded components. This ensures that this exact configuration will be available in the coming 15 years. This rugged industrial PC is based on the industrial embedded motherboard from MPL. This motherboard is equipped with the Intel® C246 chipset. The motherboard supports 8th and 9th generation embedded Intel Core processors. The MPL PIP44 is therefore equipped with a powerful Intel i5-8400H embedded processor. This industrial PC is resistant to shocks, vibrations and the most extreme ambient temperatures. This rugged embedded computer comes standard with various interfaces, such as: DP, DVI-D, USB 3.1 and RS232/422/485. The PIP44 is also equipped with various internal interfaces, namely: mPCIe, m.2 and PCIe/104. This allows your embedded PC to be provided with various expansion options. Learn More
  3. Compact embedd Computer Atom E3825 CPU up to 8GB 8-36vdc
    Compact embedd Computer Atom E3825 CPU up to 8GB 8-36vdc
    • Processor: Intel Atom
    • Max memory: 8GB
    • Storage temperature: -45°C up to +85°C
    Price on request
    The MPL CEC12 is a powerful, energy-efficient rugged embedded industrial computer. This industrial embedded solution is available in various types of housing options. The system can be integrated in a compact aluminum housing with DIN rail or flange mount, a robust MIL IP67 housing and is also available as an open frame solution with a cooling plate. As a result, the reliable MPL embedded computer board can also be integrated into a completely customer-specific chassis. Its unique chassis solutions make it possible to not only use the MPL CEC12 in a moderate environment, but also in very harsh industrial environment, operating completely fanless under temperatures of -40 ° C to + 85 ° C. Due to its compact size of 62 x 162 x 120 mm (W x H x D), combined with the various mouting solutions, makes it possible to install the embedded industrial PC in extremely tight working spaces. The industrial design of the custom MPL SoC offers the possibility to integrate standard connectors or lockable headers into the industrial system, this depends entirely on the choice of housing. The MPL CEC12 can be used for various x86 applications, where users are looking for a complete rugged fanless embedded solution, which can also be expanded for future applications. This makes the MPL CEC12 extremely suitable for industrial environments, railway applications and MIL / COTS applications. Learn More




By infrastructure we mean (highways) roads, railways, airports, ports, water management, gas transport or sewerage. To guarantee a safe and reliable infrastructure, these objects are controlled by embedded computer technology.

Arcobel Embedded Solutions develops customer-specific solutions focused on the requirements of the relevant application. Our remote monitoring systems are being used for the most diverse applications. These solutions contribute to public safety and an efficient infrastructure.

In cooperation with our suppliers, we have developed redundant industrial PCs for various infrastructure projects. These systems can be supplied for a long time and are provided with embedded components tailored to the application in question.

Our smart embedded computer technology, for example, ensures better traffic flow on Dutch roads. Our security solutions ensure your and our safety at international airports. Thanks to our in-house developed track & trace technology, railway companies can easily locate their equipment. Water boards make use of our intelligent embedded computer systems to achieve optimum groundwater management.

The industrial PCs used are fanless, ruggedized and have a high temperature range. Power supplies are unstable in certain situations or not available in abundance. PoE or a UPS are frequently used in such circumstances.

We develop such customer-specific solutions in collaboration with a select group of innovative suppliers of embedded products. These manufacturers are able to deliver your unique configuration for years to come. For each project our Engineers already take into account the correct selection of components and manufacturers.

If you want to know more about our infrastructure projects or what we could do for you in this area, then please contact us. We are happy to talk to you about the possibilities for your IT project.

Monitoring Soil Activity

Soil activity in Indonesia is monitored continually so that landslides can be predicted. Highly sensitive equipment is installed deep in the jungle and is checked and read on average once per 16 months. The computers used for this are supplied by our Swiss manufacturer MPL and are energy efficient, compact and suitable for operating in an extremely humid environment.

Digital Ring Scans all Cars

Since 2008, Amsterdam has been using 53 cameras at all the entrances to the city to ban heavily polluting vehicles from the city and thus improve air quality. The system is only activated when there is a “hit”: data from other road users is not recorded. These cameras are managed by something known as the PIP22 series of embedded computers from the Swiss company MPL. MPL and this series were chosen for this because of their reliability and subsequent availability. The systems work in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to + 75 °C. The systems maintenance budget has ultimately been reduced by 50% simply because the system does not fail.

Gas Flow Meter

For one of our clients in the gas industry we developed a redundant system for monitoring gas supply. The transport of gas cannot and should not be halted. This means that measuring the quantity of gas should always be guaranteed. This is why the redundant system with an internal UPS was developed. The system that we developed with our supplier MPL can be delivered in the same form for 10 years, and for this client in particular, it has Hot Swap RAID on board and dual video output.

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