Industrial Switches

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  1. Teltonika RUT240 4G/LTE CAT4 industriële router verzendt & ontvangt data op een snelle en veilige manier
    Teltonika RUT240 4G LTE M2M Router 150 MBps
    • Processor: MIPS
    • Max memory: 64MB
    €193.60 €160.00

    Deze Teltonika 4G/LTE Cat 4 router kan voor vele industriële M2M/Iot toepassingen ingezet worden. De RUT240 beschikt over een 2 Ethernet poorten en draadloze interfaces met Hotspot functionaliteit. Deze Teltonika RUT240 voorziet u van een beveiligde en stabiele internetverbinding voor industriële toepassingen met behulp van de RutOS Linux IoT distributie. De verbinding kan verder beveiligd worden door middel van OpenVPN, IPsec, SMS control of RMS support toe te passen. Learn More
  2. Teltonika RUT955 4G LTE M2M Router 150 MBps DUAL Sim & GPS-I
    Teltonika RUT955 4G LTE M2M Router 150 MBps DUAL Sim+Dinrail
    • Processor: MIPS
    • Max memory: 128MB
    €266.20 €220.00

    De Teltonika RUT955 is een hoogst betrouwbare en veilige 4G/LTE-router met I/O, GNSS en RS232/RS485 voor industriële applicaties en wordt geleverd met standaard DIN-RAIL. Learn More
  3. Teltonika RUT950 4G/LTE CAT4 industriële router verzendt & ontvangt data op een snelle en veilige manier
    Teltonika RUT950 4G LTE DualSIM Router 150 Mbps Access Point
    • Processor: MIPS
    • Max memory: 128MB
    €235.95 €195.00

    De Teletonika RUT950 is een zeer betrouwbare, veilige en multifunctionele 4G/LTE-router voor industriële applicaties. Deze router is zeer krachtig en maakt mission-critical M2M communicatieverbinding tussen deze router en de verbonden IoT apparatuur mogelijk. Door deze industriële 4G/LTE-router te gebruiken, kunt u iedere locatie voorzien van een 3G/4G of van een stabiel werkend Wi-Fi netwerk. Doordat de Teltonika RUT950 uitgerust is met een dual SIM-module, zijn gebruikers van een continue lokale internetverbinding verzekerd. Plaats 2 4G simkaarten in deze 4G/LTE-router en u heeft op iedere locatie een gegarandeerd werkende internetverbinding. In het geval dat één van de beide SIM-kaarten uitvalt, neemt de andere 4G SIM kaart de verbinding automatisch over. Op deze wijze heeft u altijd een internetverbinding. Externe antenne connectoren maken het mogelijk om met meegeleverde antennes het 4G/LTE of WiFi signaal te verbeteren. Door al deze eigenschappen is de Teltonika RUT950 router uitermate geschikt voor inbouw in een industriële configuratie. De Teltonika RUT950 4G/LTE industriële router is door NTT-beveiligingsexperts getest en zeer veilig bevonden. Learn More
  4. IPGC-0101DSFP-12V
    €506.39 €418.50
    10/100/1000T to 100/1000M-FX dual speed Mini-GBIC Industrial Switch Converter with 802.3at PoE, -20°C to 60°C; Dual 9.5V~57VDC input Learn More
  5. IES-0008T-DNV -40~75C
    IES-0008T-DNV -40~75C
    €262.57 €217.00
    8 10/100TX Industrial Switch, Wide Operating Temperature (-40°C~75°C); DNV Type Approval *Redundant power without polarity reverse protect function Learn More
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The increasing complexity of computer technology makes it increasingly difficult to manage industrial embedded equipment. In this IoT era, Ethernet is used to remotely manage and read such equipment. In order to achieve this, the network devices used must span large distances. The equipment must also be resistant to EMC, dust and large temperature differences.

Arcobel offers a complete range of network solutions, through which IoT networks can be fully managed. For example, we supply industrial gateways through which the connection between two incompatible networks can be realized. These devices can link different industrial systems. All systems and devices can be managed remotely using various network protocols. The difference between regular gateways and industrial gateways is in the design. Industrial gateways are equipped with a rugged housing so that they can be used in the most challenging environments. These fanless devices are used in production halls, vehicles, transport and external locations.

In addition to gateways, Arcobel also offers various Ethernet solutions. For example, we supply rugged Ethernet switches for IIoT, railway 4.0 applications and military applications. These switches form the communication points of an Ethernet network. These devices ensure reliable and efficient data exchange and can safeguard the robustness of your network. In our range you will find both managed and unmanaged ethernet switches.

It is not always easy to set up an Ethernet network in an industrial environment. Large machines and motors create magnetic fields, therefore standard cabling cannot always be used. Media converters offer a solution. With the help of these devices, a single-point connection with an Ethernet device can be realized in very inaccessible places. offers managed and unmanaged media converters suitable for a wide variety of applications. Areas of application include factory automation, camera surveillance and wind farms.

Ethernet switches and media converters often have physical SFP ports, to which SFP transceivers can be connected. These SFP modules are intended to connect a copper wire cable or fiber optic cable and have a bi-directional effect. Arcobel supplies SFP transceiver modules that can transfer data in single-mode or multi-mode.

Below is a selection of our standard network solutions. Feel free to contact us for more options, we are happy to advise you.


Gateways provide translation and thus also the connection between two incompatible networks. Due to the rise of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), IoT gateways are widely used in various industries. Gateways are ideal for receiving, collecting and transmitting data. Industrial Gateways are used for Smart City deployment, transport and energy measurements.

A gateway has the necessary I/O, through which the signals from sensors can be converted into data. For example, gateways are equipped with DIO, AD/DA, serial communication or field buses to enable this communication. This data is then sent to the Cloud via NB-IoT, Sigfox, LTE-M or LoRa.

In our range you will find gateways that can be equipped with sensor modules. These modules are the building blocks for a tailor-made system design. Due to this modular design, these gateways can be used quickly and easily for any IIoT project.

Arcobel supplies network solutions that provide an answer to many connectivity issues. In locations where a wired internet cannot be installed, a local hotspot with a gateway can be created. Our gateways can also be used as an internet backup solution.

By using a gateway you not only ensure a flexible, scalable and reliable connection, you also save on operational costs. The connected equipment can be managed remotely using remote management software. Some examples are ATMs, security cameras, sensors or traffic control devices.

IoT gateways are compact, rugged and are equipped with low-power hardware, making these embedded systems ideal for integration into existing industrial network environments. In addition, these IoT gateways are open source, making the possibilities for own developments endless.


Industrial switches not only provide users with additional network ports, but also ensure that sent data packets automatically arrive at the right place. These data packets are only sent to one specific location within your network. This reduces the load on the network, leaving more bandwidth for other applications.

PoE Switches

In addition to regular switches, you will also find PoE switches in our range. PoE stands for Power over Ethernet, with this technology the connected equipment is powered with power and simultaneously connected to the internet. These industrial switches comply with the IEEE 802.3af (PoE) and the 802.3at (PoE +) standard. This allows the connected equipment to be powered with no less than 30 W of power. Industrial PoE switches are able to operate on both mode A and mode B. This allows this equipment to communicate with PD and PSE equipment. ( PD , Powered Device PSE , Power Sourcing Equipment)

Unmanaged Switches

An unmanaged industrial switch operates as a basic device. It is not possible to set network functions such as Virtual Lan (VLAN) or Quality of Service (QoS). With an unmanaged industrial switch, only the number of network ports within the network is expanded.

All our unmanaged industrial switches are designed as a plug-and-play device and have been extensively tested by our suppliers for various industrial environmental factors. These unmanaged switches therefore comply with all industrial EMI/EMC standards.

Managed Switches

Managed switches, on the other hand, offer more network options. For example, it is possible to configure the speed of the Ethernet ports. The security settings can also be adjusted. Even network functions such as VLAN and QoS are fully configurable. In short, with the help of a Command Line Interface (CLI) you can configure a managed switch entirely to your own prefences.

Managed switches must meet certain network criteria in order to be implemented in an industrial network. These criteria include: IPv6, DDM, SSH / SSL, ACL, IGMP v3 and DHCP. In our range you will find industrial SNMP managed switches that have these functions. Features such as ITU G.8032 or Pro-Ring are also supported to ensure a high-quality redundant industrial network.

All our managed switches are designed to be used in very challenging industrial environments. These devices, like our unmanaged switches, have been extensively tested for shock, vibration and EMC.


Mil-spec Ethernet switches have been developed to be used in very challenging rugged environments. These industrial switches consist of carefully selected internal and external ultra-rugged components. The hardware used has therefore been extensively tested to meet the CE, MIL-STD810, MIL-STD704F and MIL-STD 1275D standards. These types of switches are also known as Rugged COTS (Custom Off The Shelf) and have been specially developed to be exposed to dust, extreme temperatures, shocks & vibrations and moisture.

These rugged Ethernet switches provide comprehensive network protocol support, security, management and customization options. This makes these devices ideal for the most critical MIL/AERO applications.

Media Converters

Industrial media converters are designed to extend the local industrial copper wire Ethernet network with an additional fiber optic network. With the help of these devices, a single-point connection with an Ethernet device can be realized in very inaccessible places. By using ether-to-fiber media converters, a distance of up to 120 km can be bridged. offers managed and unmanaged industrial media converters that can be used for a wide range of applications. We also supply PoE media converters, through which both power and data can be sent to a desired point.

Points of attention

When selecting media converter one has to take into account things like: the data rate, the fiber mode and the wavelength. These requirements vary by application.

Unmanaged Media Converters

In the field of unmanaged media converters, Arcobel offers a wide range of solutions, ranging from fiber to fiber, fiber to Ethernet and multi-mode to single mode.

Managed Media Converters

Our managed media converters offer a fiber connectivity solution, combined with additional network monitoring options, fault detection and remote configuration functionalities. A fiber to fiber or fiber to Ethernet connection can also be realized with these managed solutions. These managed media converters are available in both multi-mode and single-mode.

PoE Media Converters

PoE media converters combine power and data transfer via one cable. This solution provides users with a copper to fiber connection, while powering the equipment simultaneously. With this you can, for example, simultaneously supply IP cameras, VoIP telephones and wireless access points at a great distance with power and internet.

SFP Transceiver Modules

SFP transceiver stands for small form-factor pluggable transceiver. An SFP transceiver can both send and receive data. An SFP transceiver is a compact, hot-swappable device that connects to a physical port on a network device. SFP optics are used in communication networks and have a transmit side (Tx) and a receive side (Rx).

The modules are intended to connect a copper wire cable or fiber optic cable. The arrival of optical fiber has also increased the speed capabilities of the SFP modules, ranging from 125 Mbps to 2 Gbps. Some of these SFP modules can work bi-directionally, meaning that these modules can realize both a fiber-copper wire and a copper-wire-fiber connection.

SFP optics are designed to support a variety of communication standards, including SONET, Gigabit Ethernet and Fiber Channel. The SFP interfaces on network devices provide a modular interface that can be easily adapted to fiber and copper network specifications.

Single-Mode SFP vs. Multi-Mode SFP

De SFP-transceivers zijn compatible met verschillende soorten optische vezels. Single-mode SFP’s werken met een single-mode glasvezelverbinding. Ook bestaan er SFP’s die met een multi-mode glasvezelverbinding compatibel zijn, deze SFP modules staan bekend als multi-mode SFP's.

Single-mode fiber heeft een kleinere kern en een smal golflengte pad. Dit betekent dat single-mode een hogere bandbreedte heeft en langere transmissieafstanden kan bereiken. Single-mode SFP transceivers werken voornamelijk in golflengten van 1310 nm en 1550 nm en kunnen afstanden bereiken van 2 KM tot maar liefst 120 KM.

Multi-mode fiber gebruikt een veel grotere kern en een langere lichtgolflengte. De multi-mode SFP transceivers worden gebruikt voor korte afstandstransmissies tot 500 m. Deze SFP's werken op een golflengte van 850 nm. Hoewel het niet mogelijk is om over lange afstanden data te transporteren, kan deze verbinding vele soorten optische signalen transporteren.

MSA SFP Modules

Grote fabrikanten verkopen SFP modules met non MSA conform EEPROM contents. Deze SFP modules beschikken weliswaar over dezelfde mechanische en elektrische parameters als MSA conform SFP’s, echter kunnen deze modules niet in MSA- based netwerk producten geïntegreerd worden. In ons assortiment vindt u SFP modules, die wel aan de MSA standaard voldoen. Dit betekent dat deze MSA SFP modules compatible zijn met MSA-based netwerk apparatuur.

Op vindt u een breed assortiment aan SFP-modules. Deze modules kunnen voor verschillende afstanden (max. 80 km), verschillende aansluitingen en wisselende snelheden toegepast worden

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