In control of your assets: Anytime, Anyway, AnyWare


AnyWare delivers an end-to-end solution to monitor your assets. Our wireless low-power devices combined with our platform and applications make it possible to monitor and control your assets AnyWare in the world. We deliver this total ecosystem as a service, plug and play.



All the devices from AnyWare are automatically connected towards our full stack Asset Management platform. Beside the AnyWare devices all hardware is welcome to integrate with our platform. Because our open platform you are able to be in control of all your assets in the field. Beside monitoring with Insight our application: Field Service Management is able to create tickets when threshold exceed. With this application maintenance engineers can execute their work and important information will be add to the asset passports.


Insight is an application intended to provide insight in your assets. It’s the starting point of Asset Management. Whether your assets are smart or still need to get connected , Insight provides flexible overviews to quickly provide you with all the information you need.

Insight allows you to show all relevant asset information in 1 place. It allows you to perform in-depth analysis of your data but also provides clear and simple overviews.
Dashboard functionality allows users to create asset overviews to their needs and show it full screen in for instance a control room or video wall.'

Some of the main features are:

• View actual and historical sensor data
• Detailed Asset information like IDs, customers, suppliers and custom fields
• Location based information
• Data correlation between multiple assets and multiple sensors
• Monitoring of assets
• Alarms and notifications
• Rule based actions (If-this-then-that)
• Custom Dashboards
• Custom data calculations


Field Service Management

With Field Service Management we can steer engineers to execute work that is signaled in Insight. The application can generate tickets automatically (from thresholds) or manually. By putting the field expert knowledge as activities in the system, solutions for general problems can be automatically added to the tickets. New problems can be analyzed by the engineers and different activities can be dragged to the tickets. After approval from the customer on the prices, work can be executed and reviewed. All the information about the asset is in the system available and the engineer can add whatever he wants to the asset passport.

• Create manually and automatically service tickets for assets
• Create activities and activity groups
• Filter tickets in different ways
• Take up tickets and put them in analyse phase
• Add or change activities
• Configure cost thresholds
• Send approval emails to the customer with an offer
• Add comments to the tickets
• See ticket history
• Review tickets