Des-Case/RMF Systems launches real-time oil quality monitoring using AnyWare's Insight IoT platform

Des-Case/RMF Systems is a world leader in designing innovative solutions for protecting lubricants from contamination. The lifespan of any piece of mechanical equipment is directly related to how well-lubricated the part is during operation, but the quality of a lubricant can be negatively impacted by moisture and other contaminants. Des-Case manufactures a suite of products to help maintain lubricant quality, extend the life of expensive mechanical hardware, and save customers on costly repairs and replacements over time. An example of such a product is the desiccant breather. These devices prevent moisture and particles from entering equipment when it ‘breathes’ when air expands and contracts as a result of changing temperature or displacement in hydraulic systems. Without a device like this, the lubricant will become contaminated and, over time, the machinery like pumps or gearboxes will accumulate damage.

Insight into quality and lifespan.

Des-Case/RMF Systems' technical solutions are innovative and industry-leading. The condition of the by Des-Case/RMF Systems protected lubricants can be monitored in various ways by means of visual inspection. With locally installed sensors and control panels, continuous insight into the status of the installation and the quality of the lubricants can be obtained. On-site inspection informs the plant operator about the status of the environment and enables decisions to be made about when to replace filters and breathers. By timely replacement, Des-Case/RMF Systems optimizes the life of the mechanical hardware and prevents repairs and premature replacements.

AnyWare Insight unlocks remote insight.

By connecting the sensors to AnyWare's PLC to Cloud gateway, Arcobel provides full integration with the Insight IoT platform. As all important sensor values are now stored in the cloud, there is insight into the status of the environment at any time, and the historical course of sensor values are made available for analytics. The specialists of Des-Case/RMF Systems will analyze this data and can define alarms so that a corrective action can be initiated in the event of an imminent violation of threshold values. Real-time and historical insight makes it possible to identify undesirable changes in an early stage and will allow you to take predictive maintenance to a higher level on the basis of reliable data. Especially when the solutions of Des-Case/RMF Systems are used in extreme conditions or at hard to reach remote locations, the application of “Insight” is priceless. Visit for some examples

About Des-Case and RMF Systems

In the last few years, Des-Case has undergone some big changes that have led to significant growth. In 2018, it acquired RMF Systems, a company based in Holland that is leading the European market in products designed for hydraulic oil and lubricant cleanliness. It has continued to expand its footprint in Europe and the Middle East since that time, and most recently, it opened offices in Shanghai, China and Mumbai, India. Making these strides in expansion can be attributed to adding key members to the team of approximately 120 employees. A strategic alignment in early 2021 led to a few organizational changes. Part of the initiative included welcoming new Chief Executive Officer, Marcus Pillion, as well as new Chief Commercial Officer, Jason Bendon. Under their leadership, the company expects to proceed with further expansion and acquisition going forward.

About AnyWare and Insight

AnyWare is like Arcobel, part of the Dual Inventive group. AnyWare provides an end-to-end solution to monitor assets. Initially, these assets were mainly intended for railway monitoring, but nowadays AnyWare is also involved in prominent projects outside the railway domain. Due to the original rail related focus, a robust platform design is strongly anchored in the AnyWare DNA. Naturally security is a core value to the design of our platforms. Insight is AnyWare's fully in-house developed IoT Cloud platform and is one of the applications for asset monitoring and service management. Insight forms the solid foundation for a broad portfolio of wireless low-power devices that, in combination with the platform and applications, makes it possible to monitor and manage your assets AnyWare in the world. The total ecosystem is modular, plug and play and can be deployed completely as a service. Insight forms the basis for the PLC to Cloud solution.

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