Rombo-X Sensor Gateway 0-10v & 4-20ma LTE-M/NB-IOT -20...+65

  • Application : Automation, IoT
  • mobile network : LTE, NarrowBand

Part of the Rombo product line, we have Rombo X: A plug&play non-intrusive gateway for industrial sensors. Rombo X is capable of connecting industrial grade current loop (4-20mA) and voltage sensors (0-10V). Next to that, Rombo X can connect via Modbus to most PLCs to make sure any factory can be made smart!

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Retrofitting with industrial sensors

Use Case - Temperature and Pressure Monitor:

The process of brewing beer is almost science. The correct temperature, pressure and timing are crucial for the perfect outcome. Early 2021 we’ve installed Rombo X. The temperature and pressure sensors where already used and connected to a display in the brewery itself. By means of Rombo X gateway we have a non-intrusive way to read out the sensor values and make them available in Insight. Plug&Play with their existing infrastructure.The installation added quite some additional value as:

•The staff doesn’t need to be on-site anymore to check the temperature and pressure to start a new action in the process
•Due to thresholds defect valves or coolers can be noticed immediately and proper action can be taken without wasting a batch
•With the gathering of historical data the brewery can determine with the measured parameters what made a good batch of beer.

RomboX will be delivered as a service with the end to end AnyWare platform for more information check: AnyWare Platform
More Information
  • Main features
    Characteristics• View actual and historical sensor data
    • Detailed Asset information like IDs, customers, suppliers and custom fields
    • Location based information
    • Data correlation between multiple assets and multiple sensors
    • Radio Technology, LTE-M and NB-IOT
    • Radio Bands:
    1*, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 12, 13,
    18, 19, 20, 25, 26*, 28
    • Monitoring of assets
    • Alarms and notifications
    • Rule based actions (If-this-then-that)
    • Custom Dashboards
    • Custom data calculations
  • Ports & Interfaces
    External I/OInputs
    2x galvanically isolated | configurable NC/NO

    1x latching relay | 8A | 250VAC CPDT

    Terminal Connectors
    2x 8A 1.5mm for the digital input
    2x 16A 1.5mm2 for the relays
    1x 16A 1.5mm2 for the mains

    External Sensors
    I2C | 4-20mA current loop
  • Mechanical specifications
    Dimensions107.60mm x 89.70mm x 60.70mm
    CasingDin Rail
    MountingDIN-Rail 6 modules
  • Electrical specifications
    Input range8V-42V DC
    Power consumption0.25W at 230V AC
  • Environmental specification
    Storage temperature-20°C/+65°C
    Operating Temperature-20°C/+65°C
  • General data
    ApplicationAutomation, IoT
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