PLC to Cloud: the new IoT Cloud solution for machine engineers

Real-time monitoring of industrial sensors and PLCs in the way you want? In a few steps your own configuration is online and your data is accessible with the PLC to Cloud app on Insight, the IoT platform from AnyWare.

You know best what data you need to manage your industrial systems. PLC to Cloud supplies that data. Real-time, no code configuration, plug & play.

Real-time insight into the performance and availability of industrial systems. The Insight IoT platform knows what data machine engineers, installation partners and other operators of industrial systems need. With Insight cloud, a plug & play integration of your machine data is achievable without code. Programming skills are not necessary to have a complete overview of the system data. The information is accessible via PC, laptop, tablet and on your mobile device. You define the essential system values and easily set them up via the cloud console. You determine how you or your technicians are informed when the set values are exceeded and an alarm is triggered.

About AnyWare and Insight

AnyWare is like Arcobel, part of the Dual Inventive group. AnyWare provides an end-to-end solution to monitor assets. Initially, these assets were mainly intended for railway monitoring, but nowadays AnyWare is also involved in prominent projects outside the railway domain. Due to the original rail related focus, a robust platform design is strongly anchored in the AnyWare DNA. Naturally security is a core value to the design of our platforms.

Insight is AnyWare's fully in-house developed IoT Cloud platform and is one of the applications for asset monitoring and service management. Insight forms the solid foundation for a broad portfolio of wireless low-power devices that, in combination with the platform and applications, makes it possible to monitor and manage your assets AnyWare in the world. The total ecosystem is modular, plug and play and can be deployed completely as a service. Insight forms the basis for the PLC to Cloud solution.

This is how it works.

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Insight Cloud: a state of the art platform as a reliable basis. The Insight Cloud platform has been developed from a smartly developed standardization philosophy. Where other systems often limited to their own Eco system, Insight makes it easy to accomplished smooth integration with other data silos of PLC, machine and IoT data landscapes within your organization. As a result, you do not have to deal with all kinds of separate ecosystems, but you work with one overarching system in which all data is available: Insight Cloud.

Connectivity: standardization, customization and the highest security level. No problem with Insight.

The routers and gateways guarantee direct and secure integration with the Insight cloud. The solution stack is modular, so that you as an end user can have various applications supported. The standard industrial gateway is sufficient for most applications and data will be integrated plug & play from your industrial application to the Insight platform. This will include the possibility to perform analytics and generating alerts.

Special custom gateways are available for customization in a complex environment. The platform is ready for almost all machine and IoT data integration possibilities. By using a private APN, data integrity is guaranteed. When your application will demand a higher security level? Then optional features based advanced encryption and VPN technology will be available. This way, Insight is fully compliant with your security protocol.

Data analytics and clear dashboards

The Insight platform offers various methods to make data visible. With the help of widgets you create a clear presentation of important data, with the help of regular and statistical widgets deviating values are immediately visible. By setting alerts and thresholds, efficient planning of maintenance and predicting calamities is easy. Insight will provide you with intelligence to help you design an optimal predictive maintenance strategy.

Insight dashboards are available at any time via internet browser or mobile app on IOS and Android. In the event of an alert due to a exceeded threshold, a fact-based decision can be made to intervene immediately or to schedule maintenance at a suitable time.

Broad support for PLCs and industrial sensors.

The PLC to Cloud gateways can be equipped with, Modbus, Lightweight M2M and other protocol integration by using Smart Apps. The most optimal integration is installed on the gateway and set up to unlock the desired system registers to the Insight cloud platform. Once the gateway is connected, the upload of data starts based on a predefined interval. The application can be set up completely isolated from the production network through standard integration with mobile data. PLC to Cloud integration only sends data to the IoT platform in order to provide insight on your environment, no system parameters are changed.

The gateway can optionally be managed with remote configuration using VPN technology; for security reasons, this is not set up by default. The trade-off between access, insight and control is made by you, the manager of the industrial system. After all, you know best how the internal process, system and data management policies are defined.

PLC to Cloud uses standardization in connectivity with industrial systems and can handle a multitude of protocols such as: Modbus RS485/RS232, Modbus TCP, BACnet/IP, Digital Input, Ethernet/IP and OPC UA. If desired, the integration can be tailored to the company-specific situation by means of customization.

Why would you choose PLC to Cloud?

        ● End to end, no code, plug & play, ready to use
        ● All data available in the palm of your hand (IOS, Android)
        ● Easy management of settings via the cloud console
        ● Smooth integration with other data silos within your organization
        ● Modular solution stack for extra flexibility
        ● Widgets, alerts and thresholds guarantee an optimal overview of essential data
        ● Future-proof by applying IPSO standard for IoT data.


PLC to Cloud case study | Real-time monitoring of oil quality via IoT solution

Des-Case/RMF Systems is a world leader in designing innovative solutions for protecting hydraulic & lubricant oil from contamination. The life of mechanical equipment is directly related to how well the part is lubricated during operation, however the quality of a lubricant will be negatively affected by moisture and other contaminants. In this reference case you can learn how implementing real-time monitoring of the oil quality with PLC to Cloud will add valuable insight on equipment.

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